Digital calliper for forestry

IFER-MMS would like to introduce you a new electronic caliper for forestry, developed by Masser in Finland. The calliper is fully supported by the new version of Field-Map.

With Masser callipers you can measure diameter at breast height (DBH) and send measured data online via Bluetooth to your filed computer. Tree species list can be loaded before going to field. Optionally you can get calliper with internal memory which allows you to download all data at once to your desktop PC in office.

Masser Caliper (mechanical) Masser BT Caliper Masser Excaliper II
Weight [kg] 0.6 1.2 1.2
Material Aluminum alloy with Zinc Aluminum alloy with Zinc Aluminum alloy with Zinc
Batteries no power needed 2 AA Rechargeable NiCad battery with additional lithium battery backup to store data in memory
Operating temp [°C] -40 do +60 -20 do +40 -20 do +40
IP not applicable 67 67
Accuracy ± 1 mm ± 1 mm ± 1 mm
Measuring range alternatives [mm] 0-500, 0-650, 0-800 0-500, 0-650, 0-800 0-500, 0-650, 0-800
Internal memory not applicable optional yes
Software no Masser Creator Masser Loader, Masser Developer (volitelné)
Display no 128 x 64 (LCD) 128 x 64 (LCD)
Bluetooth no yes yes


  • Fair price and high quality
  • Readable user oriented display
  • Sturdy material from which Masser calipers are made makes them more durable and at the same time thinner then competitor ones
  • Roller bearings make sure that caliper arms are always perpendicular increasing the accuracy of the measurement
  • Thanks to the ergonomic and light weight construction, Masser calipers can be used for long working hours in forest

For more information please contact: Alan Zambarda, email:, tel: +420 241 950 607